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Human Body

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Human Body


Our Body



Human body consists of different parts. All of these parts have specific functions to perform. For example, we can see with the help of eyes and walk with the help of legs.


Five Sense Organs

You know that we have five sense organs, which helps us to feel and know the world around us. Our sense organ and their functions are as follows:



We can see with the help of eyes. It is the organ of sight. Whenever we see an object, an image of the object is formed inside our eye. It is then passed on to the brain with the help of nerves, our brain tells us what the object is.



We can taste with the help of tongue. We can taste whether the food we eat is sweet, sour or salty with the help of taste buds located on the tongue.



We can hear the sounds with the help of ear. We can hear different sounds.



We can smell with the help of nose. We can distinguish between sweet and foul smell just because of our nose.



We can feel with the help of skin. Skin gives sensation of touch, heat, cold, pain, etc.


Human Organ Systems

Our body is made up of cells. Cells are the smallest unit of our body. Similar cells join to form a tissue. Different tissues together form an organ which performs specific function. A group of organs form an organ system. Following are the different organ systems.


Skeletal System

The bones in our body make the skeletal system. The skeleton gives shape and form to our body. It also protects the inner body parts from getting injured. There are 206 bones in an adult human body.

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Skeleton of human body


Muscular System

Muscles are attached to the bones in our body. Muscles help the different parts of our body to move. All muscles together form the muscular system.


Digestive System

Digestive system performs the function of digesting the food that we eat. Organs involved in digestion are oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, mouth, etc.

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Digestive System

Respiratory System

We breathe in air to survive. We use our nose to breathe. Inside our body, lungs and wind pipe help in breathing. The air we breathe in is called inhaled air. The air we give out is called exhaled air.

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Nervous System

Our body is controlled by our brain. The brain has messengers called nerves to send the instructions to and from the sense organs. The brain and nerves make up our nervous system.

Image result for Nervous System


Circulatory System

Heart is the pumping organ of our body. It sends blood (red liquid) to various organs. Blood is the carrier of food to the different organs of our body from which our body gets energy to perform various functions. The heart and the tubes (blood vessels) through which the blood flows, make up our circulatory system.

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Excretory System

Excretory system cleans our body by throwing out unwanted stuff like urine, stool, etc.

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Reproductive System

The system through which young ones are produced.

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