3rd Class Science Eating Habits of Animals Types of Animals on the Basis of food Habits

Types of Animals on the Basis of food Habits

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*    Types of Animals on the Basis of Food Habits




*       Herbivores

Look at the following picture of herbivores animals:


     Cow                                        Buffalo                                 Camel  

Animals like cow, buffalo, goat, camel feed on grasses, leaves, and grains, which are purely plant products. These animals are called plant eating animals or herbivores.

These animals shows the phenomena of chewing the cud. In this process animals first fill the stomach with unchewed food. After some time they bring the food back into the mouth and then chew it properly.

Herbivores have flat broad front teeth to cut the leaves and grasses. They chew the food with the help of strong back teeth.


*           Carnivores Look at the following pictures of carnivores animals:


      Lion                                       Tiger                                        Leopard

Dog, lion, tiger, leopard etc. eat flesh of other animals and hence called flesh eating animals or carnivores. These animals have sharp pointed front teeth to tear the flesh. They chew flesh with the help of strong broad flat back teeth.    


*        Omnivores



                        Crow                                                Bear                                              Human  

Human being, crow, bear, and many other animals can eat both plants as well as flesh, hence are termed as omnivores. Human being has four kinds of teeth, different type of teeth performs different functions.  


*         Parasites  


        Bacteria                                        Virus                                     Protozoa  

There are one more group of animals like bacteria, virus, protozoa etc. Some of them live inside or on the bodies of other animals and obtain its food from them. They are called parasites. Parasites cause great loss to the life of their host.    




     A spoiled food shows the presence of which one of the following types of animals?

(a) Herbivores

(b) Omnivores

(c) Carnivores  

(d) Parasites

(e) All of these


Answer: (d)


Fruit, flower, vegetable etc. is spoiled when it is attacked by small organisms or parasites. Therefore, option (d) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



      Who is correct?

(a) Shalu

(b) Vicky

(c) Both shalu and Vicky

(d) Neither shalu nor vicky (e) None of these  


Answer: (c)


Snake is a reptile. It has teeth but not the chewing teeth. Therefore, it swallow the whole food. Therefore, option (c) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.

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