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Our Body


Interesting Facts

  •          Human body also has a tail but it is very short, stubby bone at the base of the backbone.
  •          More people have brown eyes than blue.
  •          Your sense of hearing depends on tiny hair deep inside your ear. If you lose your hearing.



Our body is made up of cells. Cells are the smallest unit of life which join together and form tissues. Many similar tissues combine together and perform a common function called an organ.


Sense organs: As we already know that we have five sense organs in our body which help us to know the world around us. Let us study each of them in detail-



Eyes: The eyes help you to see things.

  •        Some people cannot see things properly, whether it is nearby or at a distance or both. They have to wear spectacles.
  •       Blind people use different kinds of books for reading. It is known as ?braille? dost are raised on paper and blind people can read these dots by touching the paper.     


Ears: you hear different kinds of sound with your ears.

  •         Some people cannot hear well, so they take the help of a hearing aid to hear clearly.
  •         Some people are deaf, so they understand by lip-reading or communicate through sign language.    


Tongue: Tongue helps us to know the state of food.

  •         It also tells whether the food is bitter, sour, sweet or salty.


Nose: Nose helps in smelling different kinds of smell.

  •        Nose also warns if it smells something very bad like smell of gas leak in kitchen. This smell is detected by a striking pungent smell.   



Skin: skin helps us to feel anything.

  •         You also feel pain and pressure through skin.   



Interesting Facts

  •        Your sense of smell is closely linked to your memory.
  •        Females possess a better sense of smell than males.
  •        You can't taste what your saliva can't dissolve.
  •        Your back is the least sensitive part of your body.




Organ system: An organ system is a group of organs and body parts that work together to perform a specific function of our body.



Digestive system: digestive system breaks down the large insoluble food molecules into soluble so that they can be absorbed into the blood.

Problem: uneasiness and indigastion.

Prevention- 1. Eat healthy food; 2. Chew the food properly; 3. Drink plenty of water for proper digestion.     


Respiratory system: It helps to take in oxygen from the air and release out carbon dioxide from the body.

Nose, wind pipe and lungs are respiratory organs of our body. Respiration process takes place in lungs.

Problem: Cough and sneezes; asthma and allergy.

Prevention- 1. We should take in fresh oxygen; 2. Exercise also keeps our respiratory system healthy.     


Skeletal system: all the bones in our body together from skeletal system.

The body framework of our body is called skeleton.

The skeletal system gives shape and support to our body and also protect soft inner parts of our body.

Problems: Too much pressure on bones and joints, causes fracture.

Prevention- 1. Do exercise and take healthy food. 2. We should drink milk and eat dairy products rich in calcium to build strong bones.     


Muscular system: Muscles are attached to the bones and help in movements of the body.

Problems: Muscles cramps and muscle fracture.

Prevention: Using and exercising of muscles.   


Nervous system: Brain spinal card and nerves make the nervous system.

Nervous system helps to control and coordinate all the activities of our body.

Brain controls all the activities and major organs of nervous system.

Problem- Headache, migraine and development of tumour (dangerous problem).

Prevention- 1. Protects our brain from any injury; 2. Wearing helmet while reading a bike.  


Circulatory system: Heart and blood vessels from this system.

Problem: Fainting and heart attack.

Prevention: 1. Eat less fat and salt in diet; 2. Exercise regularly.    


Excretory system: Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra from the system.

Kidney filters excess water and ammonia from the blood and make the blood pure.

Problems: Kidney fails and the blood is not filtered properly.

Prevention- 1. Eat healthy diet and do exercise;

2. Drink plenty of water.       


Do you know?

  •          An adult's stomach holds about 1 liter of food.
  •          Hiccups can be caused by a change in temperature that happens suddenly.
  •         The right lung is slightly longer than the left one.


Interesting Facts

  •          The stapes: bone of ear is smallest and femur bone of leg is the longest bone of our body.
  •          Your skeleton is made of more than 20 bones and babies are born with 200 bones.


Do you know?

  •          Muscles make up about 40% of total body weight.
  •         There are more nerve cells in the human brain than there are stars in the milky way.


Do you know?

  •          The heart beats around 3 billion times in an average person?s life.
  •          The bladder is around the same size and weight as the brain.

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