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Notes - Me and My Family

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Me and My Family


Interesting Facts

  •           The word family is from the latin word ?famulus? meaning ?a servant?
  •           In joint families, you learn the true meaning of ?sharing is caring?
  •           In a joint family, all members are equally sharing all expenses, so the burden of work will not be felt by any single person.


Family: A family is a group of people who are related to each other.

Nuclear family: When parents (mother and father) and their children live together in a house, it is called a nuclear family. Nuclear family can be small or big. Kiara's family is a small nuclear family as she lives with her parents and brother, Aarav.

Ria, who is Kiara's friend, has a big nuclear family because she lives with her two brothers and parents.


Joint family: A family in which grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and cousins live together in the same house is called as a joint family.


Do you know?

  •          Parents and family form child?s first relationships
  •          Family provides all members with security, identity and value regardless of age.
  •          Family inculcates those values in us which are to stay with as till the end of our life.


Single parent family: Single-parent family consists of only one parent (either father or mother and his/her children. In such a family, children are raised by a single parent.


People in a family: Kiara's father is a very nice and kind man. He goes to office every day and takes Kiara out on Sundays. Her mother is a gentle lady. She cooks tasty and healthy food for everyone in the family. Kiara's brother is elder to her.

Kiara's father's father is her grandfather. She calls him dadu. He is a very loving person. He always takes her to park whenever she visits his house, which is in Faridabad. Kiara's father's mother is her grandmother and she calls her dadi. She takes Kiara to temple and tells her many stories. Kiara's father's parents are her paternal grandparents, similarly, Kiara's mother's parents are her maternal grandparents. She calls them nana and nani. Kiara's father's sister (bua) is very loving.

Kiara's father's brother and his wife (chacha and chachi) along with their children (Kiara's cousins) live in Chandigarh.

Kiara's maternal grandparents live in Shimla with her mother's brother and his wife (mama and mami) and mother's sister (maasi). She is not able to meet her maternal grandparents very often, but she stays in touch with them through phone calls and e-mails.


Family tree: A family tree shows the relationship between the different members of a family. A family tree heads with grandparents. They are the first generation. Parents, uncles and aunts are the second generation and their children are the third generation. Look at Kiara's family tree.



What does the family teach us?

Being a part of the family makes us feel safe. We learn sharing from an early age. Our family is our first place of learning. It teaches us many good values like:

  •             Helping each other in the family and working as a team
  •             Being humble to each other
  •              Learning to be disciplined
  •              Learning how to take care of the needs of all the family members

Kiara gets up early in the morning and wishes 'good morning" to her parents and her brother. When her grandparents visit her house, her parents touch their feet. Kiara's mother says it is a custom in their family to take blessings from their elders by touching their feet.


Do you know?

  •          Children of your father's brother or sister and your mother's brother or sister are your first cousins.

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Notes - Me and My Family
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