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Poem on Antonyms 

You say yes, and I say no,

You say stop, and I say go,

You say fast, and I say slow,

These are opposites!

You say day, and I say night,

You say dark, and I say bright,

You say heavy, and I say light,

These are opposites!

You say big, and I say small,

You say short, and I say tall,

You say none, and I say all,

These are opposites!

You say wet, and I say dry,

You say low, and I say high,

You say laugh, and I say cry,

These are opposites!

You say hot, and I say cold,

You say bought, and I say sold,

You say young, and I say old,

These are opposites!

You say fat, and I say thin,

You say lose, and I say win,

You say out, and I say in,

These are opposites!  



This lesson will help you to:

  • learn and remember opposites.
  • improve your vocabulary by learning the words which have similar meaning.  



  • Language is exciting - it has fabulous patterns to play with, we can use it to share, to learn, to explore, to communicate, to express. Opposites add beauty to our language and help us to express what exactly we wish to communicate.
  • Antonym means opposites. If you wish to write an antonym of a word, you simply write the opposite of that word. v   Will you sing a song of opposite with us? Let's Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning.



PLAY TIME             

Number of players required: 2 or more The first player will say ?Brigadier says? and give a pair of antonym like ?smile and frown?. The other player will act out opposites that involve movements. Now the second player will give a pair of antonyms and the first one will act out. the player who does not act correctly or does not say the right pair of antonym loses and sp the other one will automatically win.      





  • Synonyms are the words which have the same meaning. Like: for big the synonyms can be huge, enormous, gigantic.
  • List of common synonyms:

Antonyms and synonyms are used to beautify the language. It becomes boring to use the same word again and again. Hence you can use different words to communicate the same thought. Different words for ?said? enquired answered whined warned whispered yelled sighed asked questioned shouted begged announced replied cried muttered screamed

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