2nd Class EVS Surrounding and Safety Rules

Surrounding and Safety Rules

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  • We live in our house with our family members. A society is formed in this way. Nearby living people becomes our neighbor. Neighbors help each other.
  • Neighbors celebrate festivals and other rituals together.
  • There are many services which are available in the neighborhood such as post office, bank, police station, fire station, hospital, market, railway station, school etc.
  • There are many people who help us in different kind of works - chemist, green grocers, and black smiths, carpenter, tailor, Cobbler, plumber, electrician etc.
  • Post office is the place where we post letter. We drop letters in the letter box. They are located in every town, village and city. We send things through parcel.

  • Bank\[\to \] It is an institution/ place where are we deposit money and can take them out when required. Bank take care of our money. We can make use of ATM to window money. ATM is an automatic machine that allows people to take out money any time.


  • Police station\[\to \]There are police stations in every town to maintain the law and order of a place/country.


  • Fire station\[\to \] a fire station is a structure where firefighting apparatus are kept for any kind of emergency.


  • Hospital\[\to \]A hospital is a place where the sick and the injured are taken for treatment. Doctor, nurses and other staff help us in treatment we are sick


  • Market\[\to \] A market is very busy place where people go to buy the articles of their need. There are many shops in a market.



  • Railway station\[\to \] Railway station us a place where trains come and go to different places. Railway is a place where trains stop. Some stations are small and some are big. It is a busy place. We book our tickets before boarding the train. Trains are the fastest and cheapest means of communication which are used to go distant places.


School\[\to \] The most important part of one’s life is spent at school. We learn to write, read, sing, dance, respect, obey and love teachers. School is training ground for all virtues that makes a good citizens. Children learn good habits and good manners in the school.



  • There are various people who help us in a society.
  • (a) Chemists: Sells medicine in a medical shop.



  • (b) Vegetable grocer: Sells vegetable for their livelihood.


  • (c) Blacksmith: Makes things from iron.


  • (d) Carpenter: Makes furniture from wood. He also makes doors and windows for our houses.


  • (e) Tailor: Stiches our clothes.


  • (f) Cobbler: Mends our shoes.


  • (g) Plumber: Repairs and fix pipes, tap so that there is smooth supply of water in our houses.


  • (h) Electrician: Helps in electric fittings in our houses. He fits bulbs, switches, fans etc.


  • Festival\[\to \] We celebrate many festivals. Festivals bring the people of neighborhood together. It brings happiness, joy and strength in our life. Both, elders and children enjoy religious and national festivals.

Religious festival includes Holi, Diwali, Maha SHivratri, Eid, Rama Navami, Makar Sankranti, Navratri, Pongal, Raksha Bandhan, Lohari, Muharram, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Christmas. 

(a) Holi is the festival of colours. Children enjoy playing with gulals and pichkaris.


(b) Diwali is a festival of light. This festival is celebrated by Hindus pray goddess Lakshmi on this occasion.


(c) Gurupurnima is celebrated by Sikhs.


(d) Christmas is celebrated by Christians on 25th December every year. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. People loves to eat cakes, pastries etc. on this day.


(e) Eid is celebrated by muslims. They enjoy eating sevian.


(f) Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in Tamilnadu.

(g) Bihu is a harvest festival of Assam

(h) Onam is celebrated in Kerala


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