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The Plant KIngdom

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  • Plants are one of the oldest living organisms on the earth.
  • Plants are living organisms which need air, water and sunlight to survive.
  • Plants provide food to other living organisms.
  • Plants play a very vital role as they provide oxygen for living organisms on earth for their survival.
  • Plants gives us many things such as wood, medicines, paper, furniture etc.
  • Plants helps in keeping environment fresh and cool.
  • Plants are mainly of two types - terrestrial and aquatic.
  • Plants which grow on the land are called terrestrial plants, e.g. papaya tree, mango tree, neem tree etc.
  • Plants which grow in water are called aquatic plants, e.g. Water lily, lotus, bonsai etc.
  • On the basis of structure, plants are divided into mosses plants, grasses, dicots and monocots.
  • Dicots and monocots include big plants shrubs or bushes, climber, creepers etc.
  • Big plants are tall, voluminous trees e.g. mango tree, banyan tree, oak tree, neem tree etc.
  • Herbs are mainly used for flavor and scent and have medicinal value. They are used for cooking purpose, e.g. basil, tulsi leaves, spinach mint, coriander leaves.
  • Shrubs or bushes are smaller woody plants and have and short stem. e.g. rose plant, cotton etc.
  • Creepers plants grows along the soil surface and has weak stem and spread on a long distance. They can be flowering or non- flowering, e.g. pumpkin, bottle gourd etc.
  • Climber plants have very soft and weak stem. They grow only with the help of support.
  • They can be both flowering and non-flowering, e.g. beans plant, jasmine plant etc.
  • Mainly, a plant has roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruits and seeds, e.g. picture of parts of a plant.

  • We get food from different parts of plants. We get cereals, pulses, wheat, fruits and vegetables, spices, sugar, tea, coffee, mustard oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil from plants.
  • Different parts of a plant and their function are as follows.




(1) Roots

Main part of a plant. It absorbs water and mineral from soil and sends it to the other parts of a plant.

(2) Stem

It gives support to the plant and acts as food storehouse

(3) Leaves

They are different shapes and sizes. The leaf is called the food factory of the plant because it makes food by the process of photosynthesis 

(4) Flower

Most attractive part of a plant. They are reproductive parts of a plant

(5) Fruits

They come from flowers

(6) Seeds

A tiny embryo inside the fruit


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