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Knowing Our Body

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                                                                 Knowing Our Body


Our Body

Our body is like a living machine. It consists of organs which can be divided into two

(i)  External organ

(ii) Internal organ


External Organs

The parts of our body that we can see are called external organs. Some of our external organs are head, arms, legs, ears, and nose.


Internal Organs

The parts that are inside our body that we cannot see are called internal organs. Examples of internal organs are brain, heart, lungs, stomach, etc. some important internal organs are as follows:

Heart: Heart beats. It pumps blood to all parts of the body. Stethoscope is used by doctors to listen to the heart beat.



Brain: It helps us to think and work.



Lungs: We have two lungs. They help us to breathe.


Stomach: It looks like a bag. The food we eat goes to stomach.



Our Sense Organs

Sense organs are those organs through which we get the feeling of our surroundings. We have five sense organs which are as follows:

Eyes: Eyes help us to see.

Nose: Nose helps us to smell.

Ears: Ears help us to hear.

Tongue: Tongue helps us to taste.

Skin: Skin helps us to sense hot and cold. It is the largest organ of our body.


The Skeleton

(i) The framework of bones which gives shape and support to our body is called the skeleton.

(ii) There are 206 bones in a human body.

(iii) Our bones are covered with muscles.

(iv) The place where two or more bones are joined together is called a joint.

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