2nd Class Science Living and Non-living Things Living and None-living Things

Living and None-living Things

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Learning Objective

This lesson will help you to:

  • know about living and non-living things.
  • differentiate between living and non-living things.
  • learn about characteristics of living and non-living thing.



We so many things around us. Some are living and some non-living. Non-living things are different from the living things as they cannot grow. Similarly there are other characteristics also which differentiate living things from non-living things. Let us study the characteristics of both living and non-living things in detail.

  • The things which have life in them and can grow are living things. For example: plants, fishes, animal’s birds and human beings.
  • The things which do not have life in them and cannot grow are non-living things. For example: book, table, fan, aeroplane, car, bus etc.
  • Some non-living things like water, wood and rocks are found in nature. These are called natural
  • Non-living things like paper, pen, train, house and clothes are not found in nature. These are made by man. And hence these are called man-made things.



1. Living things can move:

Living things can move from one place to another. For example: Fishes swim, birds fly, animals move from one place to another.

Some plants also show movement. For example: Sunflower moves in the direction of sun.

2. All living things grow on their own:

Seeds grow and become trees. Living things can grow on their own.

3. All living things need food, air and water

To grow and live, living things need food, water and air without these living things cannot live.

4. All living things feel:

We feel pain when we get hurt by someone. We feel hot when we touch a hot object. This shows that we can feel changes in the surroundings.

5. All living things reproduce:


Human beings give birth to babies. Animals either lay eggs or give birth to young ones. Birds lay eggs, plants produce seeds which give rise to a new plant.



Real Life Examples

Living things need air, food and water to grow:


Try This Experiments

Take 2 flower pots add some soil and put a plant in it. Keep one flower pot in the garden area and one flower pot in your bed room. Which of the two plant will grow faster?

The flower pot which is kept in the garden will grow faster because it is getting proper amount of air, water and sunlight for its growth.



1. Non-living things cannot move on their own.

2. Non-living things do not grow.

3. Non-living things do not eat food, do not grow old and die.

4. Non-living things do not feel.

5. Non-living things do not reproduce.


Misconcept / Concept

Misconcept: Things that cannot move on their own are non-living thing.

Concept: Living things like plants have all the characters of life but fixed at one place and cannot move. However some plants shows movement like Sunflower.

Notes - Living and Non-living Things
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