2nd Class Science Housing Housing and their Surroundings

Housing and their Surroundings

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  • A house is a place where we live with our family. It protects us from the Sun, wind, rain, animals etc.
  • There are many kinds of houses e.g. permanent or pucca house, kuccha houses, huts, tents, caravan, house boat and igloos etc.
  • Permanent houses are built of bricks and cement. They last for a long time.

  • Kutcha houses are small and are made of mud and straw.


  • Huts are temporary houses made of wood, bamboo leaves etc.
  • Caravans are houses on wheels. These are also called mobile homes.
  • Igloos are houses made by Eskimos with solid ice cubes in semicircular shape. The) have semi- circular roofs.
  • People living in plains usually make houses with flat roofs. People living in mountains build houses of wood with sloping roofs.
  • Sloping roofs are built in the areas where it rains a lot
  • A good house should be clean, airy and have proper ventilators - sunlight and ‘fresh ail keeps the room dry and free from germs.
  • Proper drainage system should be there to take away dirty waters, kitchens should have chimneys. Dustbins should be kept for garbage (waste).
  • We should keep the surroundings clean. Water should not stagnate here and there as mosquitoes may breed.


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Notes - Housing and their Surroundings
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