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Clothes and Shelter

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                                                Clothes and Shelter


We wear clothes to protect ourselves from heat, cold and rain. We wear different types of clothes in different seasons.

We wear cotton clothes in summer.

We wear woolen clothes in winter.

We wear raincoat during rainy season.

We wear uniform in school.

We wear formal dress when we go to a party or attend any function.


Sources of Clothes

We obtain clothes from both plants and animals.

Clothes obtained from animals

We get the following types of clothes from animals:

(i) Silk

(ii) Wool



We get silk from silkworm. Silkworm is a type of insect. They feed on mulberry leaves.



Sheep gives us wool. The thick hair that grows on the body of a sheep is collected, then cleaned and made into woolen threads. Wool is used to knit sweaters, caps, shawls, etc. It keeps us warm during winter.


Clothes obtained from plants

We get the following types of clothes from plants.

(i) Cotton

(ii) Jute



Cotton clothes are made from cotton plants. Cotton grows in pods. The pods are picked and thread is made from the cotton. Making thread from cotton is known as spinning. Weaving is the process of making clothes from thread.



Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibre, which is used for making things for our regular use. For example, rope, bag, mat, etc. are made up of jute fibres. Jute fibres are pale yellow in colour and are quite strong. They have a silky lustre and are also used in making clothes.


All living things need a house to live in.

A house protects us from the heat, cold, rain and wind. It also protects us from thieves. Some people live at one place for a very short time. They keep moving to different places. They build houses that can be moved from one place to another. Such houses are called temporary houses. Some houses cannot be moved from one place to another. These are called permanent houses.

Eskimos live in very cold places. They make houses of ice. These house are called igloos.

Houses Have Different Roofs

People living in mountains make houses with sloping roofs.

People living in areas where it rains a lot make houses on stilts with sloping roofs.

People living in plains usually make houses with flat roofs.

Notes - Clothes and Shelter

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