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*       Seasons


There are four seasons in India and they are given below:


*          Summer season

This is a hot season. Summer stays from April to June. This is the season of sweating and scorching sun. Heat waves are common in this season. Therefore, light and cotton clothes are the most favorable clothes in summer season.


*           Rainy Season

Rainy season comes after summer and it stays from July to September. This season is very necessary for agriculture because plants and crops need water to grow. But sometimes excessive rain causes flood and becomes reason of sufferings for human, plants and other living organisms.


*           Winter Season

The months of November, December and January is the time of winter when the temperature is very low and the atmosphere is cold. This is the season when people wear woolen and warm clothes. In this season people may suffer from cold waves.


*           Spring Season

This is the most pleasant season of the year. Because this is the season of moderate temperature when atmosphere is neither extreme cold nor extreme hot. This season stays from February to March.





      How many main seasons are there in India?

(a) Eight

(b) Four

(c) Nine  

(d) Two


Answer: (b)


Indian seasons are- summer, rainy, winter and spring. Therefore, option (B) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



     Which one of the following month is the month of summer?

(a) June

(b) November

(c) December

(d) January


Answer: (a)


Summer stays from April to June. It means April, May and June are the months of summer. Therefore, option (A) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



you know.jpg

We breathe almost two gallons of air every minute.

Fresh water under the ground is much more in quantity than the fresh water on the surface of the earth.

The sun evaporates a trillion tones of water every day.

A person cannot survive for more than three days without water, but we can survive more than 30 days without food.

Out of 100, 66% of our body is made up of water.




Air is the mixture of different like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc.

Air contains 78 part nitrogen, 21 part oxygen and remaining 1 part other gases.

Wind is the movement of air.

There are mainly two types of wind-global wind and local wind.

Wind is very useful because living organisms inhale air to be alive.

Wind is also needed for the growth of plants, cooking, electricity generation, transportation etc.

Various smokes, excretion of living organisms, garbage in improper places, are the reasons for the germs in air.

Polluted air and water is harmful for living organism. Polluted sound is the unbearable and unpleasant sound which is also harmful.

Potable water means drinking water.

Water has three states – solid, liquid and gas.

Water on earth always changes its form and this change makes a cycle.

Addition or subtraction of heat makes the water cycle work. For example, if heat is given to ice, it melts. If heat is added to water, it evaporates to get converted into gas (water vapors).

The degree of hotness and coldness is called temperature.

There are four seasons in India-summer rainy, winter and spring.

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