2nd Class Mathematics Money Word Problems Based on Money and Time

Word Problems Based on Money and Time

Category : 2nd Class

*     Word Problems Based on Money and Time


In this section we will learn about some real life problems based on money.  


Marry bought a dress for  258 and a bag for Rs. 175. How much money the shopkeeper returned, it marry gave him a note of  Rs. 500?

(a) Rs. 93                                                 

(b) Rs. 67

(c) Rs.14                                                 

(d) Rs. 21  


Answer (b)


Total amount spent on items = Rs. 258 + Rs. 175 = Rs. 433

Amount returned by the shopkeeper = Rs. 500 - Rs. 433 = Rs. 67  




  • Money is counted in terms of notes and coins.
  • Rs.  
  • We use money in our daily lives.  




  • Coins are used since the ancient times.
  • In modern time paper money is common in use.
  • Now - a - days people also use plastic money.

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