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Measurement of volume

Category : 2nd Class

*    Measurement of volume



The standard unit for the measurement of volume is liter. Volume of a liquid is measured in milliliters, liters and kilolitres.

1 liter\[=\text{1}\times \text{1}000=\text{1}000\] milliliters

2 liters\[=\text{2}\times \text{1}000=\text{2}000\] milliliters

1000 liters = 1 kilolitres  



To obtain the volume of oil in liters how much quantity of oil is required in a container, which already contains 45 liters 900 milliliters of oil?

(a) 500ml                                            

(b) 100ml

(c) 600ml                                             

(d) 650ml  


Answer (b)


45 liters 900 milliliters of oil becomes 46 liters when 100 milliliters is added to it.

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