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Notes - Our Neighbourhood

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Our Neighbourhood


Interesting Facts

  •          Army man are our brave helpers. They protect our country. 


There are many helpers in our neighbourhood. Let us- know about them.



A helper is a person who helps someone else. There are different people who do different works to help us in our daily life. They are called community helpers.


1.            Postman: Delivers our letters and parcels to the person whom we wish to send the same.


2.            Doctor: Looks after us when we are sick.


3.            Garbage cleaner: Removes garbage from the area surrounding our house


4.            Fireman: Puts out fire to save us from getting burnt.



  •         Helpers who come in our contact and we talk to them for our needs are called direct helpers. Eg.: Doctor, Barber, Lawyers, Carpenter, etc.
  •          Helpers who do not come directly in our contact are indirect helpers Eg. Soldiers, police, etc.         


5.            Grocer: A grocer sells food and other things that are used at home.


6.            Mechanic: A mechanic repairs our vehicles.


7.            Potter: A potter makes clay pots for us.



8.            Astronaut: An Astronaut goes to space or travels in space.


9.            Cobbler; A cobbler repairs our shoes.


10.          Army man: He protects our country.


Interesting Facts

  •          The first ma is space was Russian Yuri Gagarin.
  •          India has the biggest volunteer army in the world.


All of us need a place to live in. The houses protect us from heat, rain, wind, dust and animals. There are so many kinds of houses like kutcha house, Pucca house, Igloos, Tents, etc.


Historical Preview

  •           In ancient times/ hut$ were usually constructed from mud blocks. Roofs were thatched and the floors were covered with mud and cow-dung paste.


Types of Houses


1.            Kutcha house: Houses made of clay, mud and straw.


2.            Pucca house: Houses made of bricks, cement, concrete and steel. These houses are very strong.


3.            Tents: Houses mode of a strong cloth are tents. Scouts and soldiers move from one place to another and live in tents.


4.            Stilt house: Stilt houses are houses raised on piles over the surface of water.


5.            Caravans: Houses built on wheels are caravans. These houses can move from one place to another.


6.            Igloo: A house made of blocks of ice is called an igloo. These are found in cold regions.


7.            House Boat: Houses made on boats are house boats. These houses float on water and are made up of wood. These are seen in Kashmir.


8.            Apartment: An apartment is a small house in a big building.



The surrounding area near our house is neighbourhood.


Do You Know?

  •            There are many ways to make our neighbourhood safe some are:

(a) Know your neighbours.

(b) Improve the lighting on streets.

(c) Encourage outdoor activities.

(d) Know your local police department. 


Places Around the Neighbourhood


1.            Market

A market is a place where we buy a variety of things that we need everyday. Some shops like;

  •           Bakery: A bakery sells bun/ bread/ jam/ biscuits and cakes.
  •           Grocery shop: A grocer sells rice/ pulses/ spices/ tea/ coffee/ etc.
  •            Milk booth: We can buy dairy products from the milk booth.


2.            Hospital

A hospital is a place where the sick and the injured are taken care of.

  •            When there is an emergency/ we can dial 102 to call an ambulance.


3.            Police Station

They maintain law and order and protect us from thieves and robbers.

  •             We can dial 100 to call the police/ if we need any help.


4.            Park

Park is a place where children come and play.


5.            Restaurant

This is a place where we enjoy a meal with our family and friends.


6.            Places of Worship

People go these places to pray like temple/ mosque, church and gurudwara.


Do You Know?

  •          A gurudwara is a place of worship, for kikhs literally meaning ?Door to the Guru?.


7.            School

A school is a place where we study and learn.

(i) We learn to read, write and draw.

(ii) We learn to share our things with others.

(iii) We learn many games and take part in sports and other activities.


Classmates: Friends of same class in a school are known as classmates.

In a school, a number of people work.

(i) Teacher: They teach us different subjects.

(ii) Gardener: He keeps our garden and playground proper.

(iii) Sweeper: He keeps our classrooms clean and tidy.

(iv) Gate keeper: He takes care of the school.

(v) Principal: Principal is the head of the school.

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Notes - Our Neighbourhood
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