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Our Country: India

Interesting facts

  •          India is the world's largest, oldest and continuous civilization.
  •          Lotus temple is probably the first crafted structure in Delhi.
  •         Feroz Shah Kotla is the 2nd oldest international cricket stadium.

 India is the most beautiful country in the world. There are many famous places in India and Delhi is the capital of India. There are 4 metro cities in India. Let us study about them;

 1.            Delhi: Delhi is one of the 4 metro cities of India.

  •            Famous festivals: Lohri, Diwali



  •             Famous dance : Bhangra



  •            Famous food : Chole Bhature, Biryani



  •             Clothes: Men-Pajama with Kurta; Women- Salwar Kameez



Do you Know?

  •          Mumbai got its name from a popular goddess temple Mumba Devi Mandir.
  •          Mumbai is the hub of hindi film industry in India.


  •            Famous monuments;


  •            Other famous places: Akshardham temple,

Lotus temple (Bahai's temple), Biria Mandir, etc.

2.            Mumbai; Mumbai is one of the 4 metro cities in India. Mumbai is warm and humid in summer.

  •            Famous festivals : Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi


  •             Famous dance : Lavani


  •            Famous food : Batata vada and Pavbhaji


do you Know?

  •          The first metro rail in India started in Kolkata.
  •          Eden Gardens, the 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world is in Kolkata.
  •          Kolkata is considered as Mother Teresa's 2nd hometown.


  •           Clothes : Men-Dhotor and Pheta; Women-

Nauwar Saadi or Lugda


  •            Famous monuments : Gateway of India


  •           Other famous places : Marine Drive, Essel World and Juhu Chaupati, etc.


3.            Kolkata: Kolkata is known as the "City of Joy'. It is situated along the bank of river 'Hugli'.

  •           Famous festival : Durga Puja and Kali Puja


  •           Famous dance: Santhali


  •            Famous food : Roshogollo and Doi Maach (Rice and fish)

 Interesting Facts

  •           Chennai has the second longest beach in the world.
  •              Chennai is the cultural capital of India.


  •          Clothes : Men-Dhoti with Kurta; Women-Cotton or Taant sarees


  •            Famous monuments ; Victoria Memorial and bakshini Kali temple


  •            Other famous places : Biria planeterium Rabindra Sarovar, Science city, etc.


4.            Chennai : Chennai is known as the 'City, of temples' Chennai is warm throughout the year.

  •              Famous festival : Pongal


  •             Famous dance : Bharatnatyam


  •           Famous food : Idli, Sambar


  •            Clothes : Men-Veshti (lungi) and shirt; Women- Sarees


  •             Famous monuments : Memorial House, Fort St. George

  •            Other famous places : Marine Beach, Vivekananda Museum, etc.

 Do you Know?

  •           APJ Abdul Kalam was a quick learner and appreciated by the fellow students
  •          In 2002, Narendra Modi was [the chief minister of Gujarat.


1.            APJ Abdul Kalam was an Indian scientist and was the 11th President of India.


2.            Narendra Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India.


Do You Know?

  •          Mother Teresa is now called the "Blessed Teresa of Kolkata".


3.            Kiran Bedi is an Indian politician, social activist and the First Women IPS Officer.


4.            Mother Teresa devoted her life in serving poor and old people.


5.            Sachin Tendulkar is a famous Indian cricketer who scored one hundred test centuries.


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