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Our Universe   



  • The sun, the moon and the stars are heavenly bodies. · The sun is a hot ball of fire made up of hot gases.


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  • The sun is also a star that we can see during the day. It appears bigger in size be-cause it is nearer to the earth.
  • The sun is the source of light and energy for all living organisms.
  • Plants prepare food in the presence of sunlight.



  • The moon is the satellite of the earth. It does not have any light of its own. Sunlight falls on the moon. This light is reflected back to the earth as moonlight.


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  • The moon is made up of rocks and dust. There is no air on the moon. That is why there is no life on the moon.
  •  Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon in 1969.


  • A shadow is formed when something comes in the way of light.  
  • A shadow is formed on the opposite side of light,
  • Shadows change as the sun moves.
  • Shadows at different times of the day differ in their lengths.
  • Shadows formed by the sun are longer in the mornings and evenings.



  • At noon, shadows are the shortest as the sun is just above us.



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