2nd Class EVS Living and Non-living Things Living and Non-living things

Living and Non-living things

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Living and Non-Living things



  • Things around us are either living or non-living.
  • Those which have life are living things.

 e.g. plants, animals and human beings.

  • Things which do not have life in them are non-living things.

 e.g. wood, rock, water, paper, etc.



   Differences between living things and non-living things.

(i) Living things can breathe but non-living things do not breathe.

(ii)   Living things grow but non-living things do not grow. Animals grow from Young ones to adults and plants from seeds to trees.  

(iii)  Living things need food but non-living things do not need food.

(iv) Living things can move but non-living things do not move on their own. Animals move from one place to another and plants show movements.

(v) Living things can reproduce their own kind but non-living things do not reproduce.

(vi) Living things can feel but non-living things cannot feel.

(vii) Living things can grow old and die.   


Living Things:



Notes - Living and Non-Living things

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