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Safety and First Aid

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Safety and First Aid




  • Safety means staying away from harm.
  • There are certain safety rules which help us and others.
  • Safety rules while at home  

        Do not play with matchsticks, switches, plugs, gas cylinders, fire, knives, blades scissors etc.




Keep your things in their proper places after using them.

Do not play with sharp objects like blades, knives and scissors.



         Inform your parents or an adult if you get hurt.

  • Safety rules while at school

         Do not push each other while climbing stairs. You or someone else might fall and get hurt.

         Do not climb on desks and chairs. Sit quietly in the classroom.

         Do not play games that may hurt you. Play games that are safe.

         Inform your teacher or an adult if you get hurt.

  • Safety rules on the road

         Do not run or play on the road.

         Be careful while crossing the road. You should use a zebra crossing

         Zebra crossings are lines made on the road used for crossing the road safely.






         Always walk on the footpath on the left side of the road.  

         Obey the traffic rules'Stop' when the light is red and 'go' when it is green   

  • Do not get in or out of a moving bus.
  • Do not lean out of the window of a bus.
  • Safety rules while swimming

         Do not swim alone in the swimming pool. Go with an adult.

         Use swimming tubes, floaters or armbands while swimming.

         Do not go to the deep side of the pool. 

         Do not push or pull each other when you are in the water.

  •  First aid is the immediate medical help given to an injured or a sick person before the doctor arrives.
  • The main aim of giving the first aid is to Save lives and

          Keep the victim comfortable till medical help arrives.

  • Common emergencies that need first aid are bleeding wounds, poisoning, insect bites, burns, etc.

Notes - Safety and First Aid

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