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Our Surroundings

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*      Introduction


We live in a house with our parents. Near our house, there are many houses. We call them neighbours. Neighbours help each other. They celebrate festivals together.

All these houses together make our neighbourhood. In a neighbourhood, there are many services. Let us read about some of these services.


*         Post Office

The place where we post letters is called post office. We drop our letters in the letter box. Postman takes all letters to the post office, from where they are delivered to the required places. We send things through parcel. When a short message has to be sent quickly, then we can make use of a telegram.



*           Bank

Bank is the place where we deposit money and can take them out when required. We can make use of ATM to withdraw money. An ATM is an automatic machine that allows people to take out money any time and from anywhere.



*          Police Station

Policeman guard our neighbourhood. They are always there for our safety. Traffic policeman is the person who handles traffic.



*           Fire Station

We call firemen when a building catches fires. They helps us in putting out the fire.


*           Hospital

We visit hospital when we are sick/ill. In hospital doctor checks us and prescribes the necessary medicines. A nurse looks after us when we stay at the hospital.



*             Market

It is a place from where we can buy necessary things for our daily needs. There are many shops in a market.



*           Railway Station

This is a place from where we board trains. Before boarding trains, we have to book our tickets. Trains are fast and low cost means of transport which are used to go to distant places.



*           School

School is a place where we learn to write, read, sing, dance, also to respect, obey and love teachers. We also learn good habits and good manners in school.

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