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Our Food and Clothes

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  • The basic requirements of human beings are food and clothes. Food gives energy to do work. Clothes protect us from heat, dust and cold.
  • We eat different foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, pulses, egg, meat, cereals etc.

  • We obtain the food item from two sources------ plants and animals. Both plants are animals are useful to us as they provide many food items. Some of the food items are listed below:


From Plants and Vegetables

From Animals











  • Different food items obtained from different animals are as follows:


Food Items



Cow, Buffalo, and Goat


Pig, Hen, Goat, Fish Sheep, Prawn, Crabs, etc.


Hen, Duck


Honey Bees

Ghee and Fats

Cow and buffaloes


  • We obtain variety of food items from different plants.


(i) Food producing plants


Cereals, Pulses, Vegetable and fruits.

(ii) Oil producing plants


Groundnut, mustard, soya bean and coconut.

(iii) Spices producing plants


Clove, black, pepper, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon.

(iv) Sugar producing plants


Sugarcane, beetroot.

  • (i) Food is necessary for the growth and maintenance of human body. It helps animals as well as plants to grow.
  • (ii) Food provides us energy and nutrients. Energy is needed for all kinds of activities such as walking, running, jumping etc.
  • (iii) The food contains nutrients that our bodies need to replace the worn out cells, stay healthy and stay strong.
  • (iv) Food protects us from diseases and infections.
  • We should observe some good food habits such as

(i) We should wash our hand before and after meals

(ii) We should chew our food properly.

(iii) We should not walk while eating.

(iv) We should eat healthy food and not junk food.

(v) We should eat fresh fruits and vegetable.



  • A habit means repetition of the same action in similar circumstances. All person have some habits, they can be good of bad habit. Habits are hard to quit.
  • Healthy habit can be describe as a kind of routine behavior that is beneficial to a person’s mental as well as physical health. A healthy habit includes discipline and self-control.

Good Habit: -   Rising up early in the morning

                        Doing exercise daily.

                        Doing morning walk.

                        Wash hand before eating

Brush teeth daily in the morning and before going to bed at night.

  • Good habits lead to good environment and good citizens.

Bad habit: - Bad Habits is a negative behavior pattern. They ruin our lives

E.g. Over eating

Nail biting              


Speaking lie



Being lazy

  • We must follow good daily habits such as-

(i) We should eat healthy foods

(ii) We should follow table manners

(iii) We should brush our teeth twice a day.

(iv) We should sleep on time

(v) We should play outside

(vi) We should take bath every day

(vii) We must tide up our room.

  • Exercise helps us to build strong muscles and bones in our body.
  • We need nutritious food to remain healthy. It consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc.
  • Proteins are body- building foods such as milk, pulses eggs, fish and meat. It makes us bones and teeth strong.
  • Carbohydrates are energy giving foods such as potatoes rice, bread, chapatti etc.
  • Fruits and vegetable protect us from diseases. They are called protective foods.


Notes - Our Food and Clothes

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