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Housing and Clothing

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Housing and Clothing




Types of Houses  


  • A house is a place where we live.
  • A house protects us from the hot sun, cold wind, rain, wild animals and thieves.
  • There are many kinds of houses, e.g., permanent or pucca houses, kutcha houses, huts, tents, caravans, house boat and igloos.
  • Permanent houses are built of bricks and cement. They last for a long time.






  • Kutcha houses are small and are made of mud and straw








  • Huts are small, temporary houses made of wood and bamboo.
  •  Tents are temporary houses, easily movable and are made of canvas cloth.   







  • Caravans are houses on wheels. These are mobile houses.
  • A house boat is a house floating on a lake.
  • Igloos are houses made by Eskimos with solid ice cubes in semi circular shape.


  • People use different kinds of materials to build their houses. These materials are usually easily available in the places they live.
  • People use bricks, cement, stones, wood, mud, straw, etc. to build their houses.
  • People living in areas where it rains a lot build houses on stilts with sloping roofs.
  • People living in mountains build houses of wood with sloping roofs.







  • People living in plains usually make houses with flat roofs.
  • Snow houses or igloos have semi-circular roofs.   



Clothes we wear

  • Long long ago, people wore animal skins for clothes. Today we wear clothes made of cotton, silk, wool, nylon, etc.
  •  We need clothes to cover our bodies. Clothes protect us from heat, cold, wind and rain. We wear clothes according to the changing weather.
  •  We wear light cotton clothes when it is hot.
  • We wear warm woollen clothes when it is cold.
  •  During rains, we need to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella.
  • Cotton clothes are made of cotton. We get cotton from the cotton plant.
  •  Woollen clothes are made of wool. We get wool from the fleece of sheep.
  • Silk clothes are made of silk. We get silk from the cocoons of silkworms.    

Notes - Housing and Clothing

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