2nd Class English Comprehension Comprehensions Based on General Topics

Comprehensions Based on General Topics

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Comprehensions Based on General Topics


Introduction: In a reading comprehensions, a passage is given. You are to read the passage carefully and answer the questions based on it. Some examples are given below for your clear understanding.       


  •                          Example 1

            Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Proust was a famous French novelist. As a child he was very attached to his mother and ardently waited for her kiss before going to bed. He was especially fond of the cake baked by his aunt, Madeline. He believed time to be the most cruel and responsible for snatching away all the precious moments. He wrote a book under the title ?In Search of Lost Time' in seven volumes.


1.            Proust believed _______ to be cruel.

            (a) aunt                         (b) time

            (c) asthma                        (d) books

            (e) None of these


2.            Proust was a _______ novelist.

            (a) Spanish                      (b) German

            (c) French                      (d) English

            (e) None of these


3.            Madeline baked:

            (a) Bread                        (b) Burger

            (c) Cake                        (d) Biscuit

            (e) None of these


4.            Proust was attached to:

            (a) His mother                    (b) His aunt

            (c) Time                        (d) Madeline

            (e) None of these


  •                          Example 2

            Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

            India is a country with significantly high population of cattle. Yet surprisingly the palate of cheese is not that popular in India. In France, one can find enormous varieties of cheese. Camembert and Roquefort are the two most popular varieties. The country is also famous for perfumes.


1.            India is a country with a high population of:

            (a) Men                         (b) Cattle

            (c) Cows                        (d) Buffaloes

            (e) None of these


2.            Which of the following is not that popular in India?

            (a) Curd                       (b) Cream

            (c) Cheese                      (d) Buttermilk

            (e) None of these


3.            Roquefort is a:

            (a) Wine                       (b) Perfume

            (c) Medicine                     (d) Cheese

            (e) None of these


4.            France is also famous for:

            (a) Tea                        (b) Coffee

            (c) Milk                        (d) Perfume

            (e) None of these


  •                         Example 3

            Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

            Plantation has become one of our main agendas in the present times, as we all are aware of 'global warming'. Earth has given us so many things. But we have never taken proper care of these things. Now the situation has become serious. If we do not take any step now our earth will no longer be a livable one. We should, therefore, plant trees to clean our environment and save earth.


1.            Planting trees is our:

            (a) Main agenda 

            (b) Secondary agenda

            (c) Primary entertainment          

            (d) Favourite hobby

            (e) None of these


2.            Earth has given us:

            (a) Exploit                      (b) Few things

            (c) So many things                (d) Dreams

            (e) None of these


3.            The situation of the Earth has become:

            (a) Serious                      (b) Pleasant

            (c) Safe                        (d) Spoilt

            (e) None of these


4.            We should plant trees:

            (a) to save the Earth.                

            (b) to make the Earth ugly.

            (c) to develop forests.               

            (d) All of these

            (e) None of these



1.         B

2.         C

3.         C

4.         A


1.         B

2.         C

3.         D

4.         D


1.         A

2.         C

3.         A

4.         A


Notes - Comprehension Based on General Topics

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