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Input Devices          

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*        Input Devices



The word 'Input' means to 'put in'. Input devices are those which are used to feed data or instructions into the computer. (See Figure 2.4.2)  



Using the input device, we can give information to the computer like numbers, |lords and pictures. You can write on the computer by using a keyboard. Hence, the keyboard is an input device. Other input devices are the mouse, joystick. Microphone, scanner, light pen, tracker ball, etc.  



These are the examples for Input Devices  


*    Mouse  

The mouse is used to move the pointer on the computer screen and draw pictures in the computer. (See Figure 2.4.3)    



*    Joystick  

The joystick is used for playing games on the computer. (See Figure 2.4.4)      



*     Microphone                                                     

The microphone records sounds on the computer. (See Figure 2.4.5)    



*    Scanner  

The scanner copies pictures and photographs on the computer. (See Figure 2.4.6)    



*    Touch Screen  

A touch screen enables one to interact with what is displayed on the screen directly with the hand. (See Figure 2.4.7)  



*    Light Pen  

A light pen is a computer input device in the form of a light-sensitive wand used with the monitor of a computer. It allows the user to point to displayed objects or draw on the screen. (See Figure 2.4.8)    



*     Webcam  

A webcam is a video capture device connected to a computer. (See Figure 2.4.9) From the given list of input devices, it is important to note that the keyboard is a standard input device, without which a computer will not start. Using the other devices like joystick or scanner with the computer is not compulsory and it is on your choice.  






 Input devices help us to feed the data into the computer. Which one of the following is an example of an input device?

(A) Keyboard                                                    

(B) printer

(C) Monitor                                                       

(D) Speaker  


Answer: (A)


Correct Option:

(A) The keyboard is used to type information and is the standard input device of the computer.

Incorrect Options: (B) Printer: Is an output device.

(C) Monitor: Is the screen of the computer.

(D) Speaker: Is an output device.    



 There is a device that helps the user to write directly on the screen. What is this device called?

(A) Light Pen                                                     

(B) Keyboard

(C) Mouse                                                          

(D) Joystick  


Answer: (A)


Correct Option:

(A) You can use light pen to directly write on the screen.

Incorrect Options:

(B) Keyboard: Is a standard input device.

(C) Mouse: Is an input device.

(D) Joystick: Is used for playing video game.  

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