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Plants are living things. They can grow but they cannot move.

Types of Plants

Big Plants

Tree: Big and strong plants are called trees. For example, Banyan tree and Mango tree.

             Related image

                        Banyan tree                          Mango tree


Small Plants

Shrubs: Small plants which are strong are called shrubs. For example, rose and sunflower.

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                              Rose                                                Sunflower


Herbs: Small plants which are weak are called herbs. For example, mint, coriander.


Related image             Related image

                                 Mint                                                              Coriander       


Plants that Cannot Stand Straight

Creepers: Plants which grow along the ground are called creepers. For example, pumpkin and watermelon.

Image result for pumpkin                    Image result for watermelon

                                                                                      Pumpkin                                  Watermelon


Climbers: Plants which climb up by taking supports of other plants, sticks or walls are called climbers. For example, money plant and pea plant.

Image result for money plant         

                             Money Plant                             Pea Plant


What we get from Plants?

What we get from Plants?

We get clothes, fuel, shelter, wood and many other useful things from plants. We get food from different parts of plants which we eat as fruits, vegetables, cereals, stems, flowers and leaves.

Fruits:                                  Related image                       Related image                      Image result for guava

                 Apple,                                 Banana,                               Guava


Roots:                                   Image result for carrot                       Related image                    Image result for sweet potato

     Carrot                              Beetroot                            Sweet Potato


Leaves:                                       Image result for spinach                       Image result for cabbage                       Related image      

    Spinach                                 Cabbage                              Mint




Stems:                                            Related image

                                     Potato                                       Ginger                          Garlic


            Cauliflower                     Broccoli


Cereals:    Image result for wheat                Image result for RICE              Image result for maize

                                Wheat                                           Rice                                       Maize  



Parts of Plants

Different parts of plants are: roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruits.


Functions of different parts of plants:

(1) The green leaves make food for the plant. Leaves are also known as the kitchen of the plants.

(2) Flowers are of different types and colour.

(3) Fruits contain seeds from which other plants of same kind grow.

(4) Roots of plant are under the soil. Roots give water to the plant from the soil.

(5) The stem supports the plant. It also carries food and water to all the parts of the plant. 

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