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  •                       A plant is a living thing. They need air, water and sunlight to grow.
  •                        Plans include all types of big and small trees. Including grasses, shrubs and herbs.
  •                       Big trees have long branches, Large in size e.g. banyan tree. peepal tree, neem tree etc.

  •                    Herbs are small plants. It has a soft stem and live for a few months. They are used for flavor, scent and as medicine e.g. mint, grass, wheat, muleti.

  •                    Shrubs or bushes are small plants which have woody stem. They are smaller than trees. They live for many years. E.g. rose plant, hibiscus etc.


  •                    Creepers are plants that grow along the soil surface and spread over a long distance. e. g. muskmelon plant, watermelon plant, pumpkin plant.  

  •                   Climber plants have very soft stem and take support of another plant to climb. They cannot stand straight e.g. beans plant, jasmine plant, grapevine, money plant, pea plant,
  •                      Part of a plant

Figure of a plant showing stems leaves, roots, branches, flowers bud.

           The various of a plant include the following:

            (i) Roots \[\to \] they grow inside the soil. Roots takes water and minerals from the ground and hold the plant in the soil.

            (ii) Stem \[\to \]             they grow above the ground. They support the upper part of the plant. Stem takes water from roots and carry it to leaves and gives stability to the plant.

             (iii) Leaves\[\to \] they are green in color and of different size. Leaves are the important part of a plant which prepare which their own food by photosynthesis, using sunlight.

             (iv) Flower\[\to \]           they help plant to reproduce attract bees and other insect for pollination they are of different colours, shapes and sizes.

             (v) Seeds\[\to \]             they are found inside the fruit and develop into a new plant.

  •                              Some plants grow on land. These plants are called terrestrial plant. For e.g. mango tree, oak tree, shisham tree.


  •                        Some plants grow in water. These plant are called aquatic e.g. Lotus, Lily etc.

  •                        Growth of a plant depends upon the following factors:

(a) Sunlight                    (b) Water                       (c) Air

Without sufficient amount of nutrients, they will not grow properly and ultimately die.

Plant takes nutrients and water from the soil. They take carbon dioxide from air.

  •                          We obtain fruits, vegetables and grains from plants.

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