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Our Clothes

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  •                        Clothing is one of our basic needs. Clothes protect us from heat, cold and rain. There are various kinds of clothes available for different climate conditions.

(a) Cotton clothes

(b) Woolen clothes

(c) Waterproof clothes

  •                      Cotton clothes are very soft and comfortable. Cotton clothes protect us from heat of the Sun. It absorbs the sweat and help in keeping our body cool.
  •                      Cotton is a natural fiber. New born babies are also given cotton due to its softness. The various cotton dresses are frocks, T- shirt, salwar suits, shirts, trousers, socks, cap, saree etc.

  •                      Woolen clothes are made up of wool. These clothes keeps our body warm and protect us from cold in winter season. Wool is mainly obtained from sheep. The commonly used woolen clothes used woolen clothes are coat, Sweaters, woolen socks, caps, baby suits etc.

  •                       Raincoat and umbrellas are used in rainy season. They are made up of polymers and plastic. They save us from getting wet in the rainy reason.
  •                       Clothes are made from fibers. We obtain clothes from both plants and animals.
  •                       Silk and wool are obtained from animals.

Silk is obtained from the silk worms. It is a natural fiber. It is obtained from the cocoons of the larva of mulberry silkworms.

  •                     Wool is also a natural fiber. It is obtained from sheep and other animals. Wool protects us from cold and keeps us warm in winter season. The thick hair on the body of the sheep is gathered them cleaned and made into woolen threads. Mainly sweaters. Caps, socks, frocks are knitted from wool.

  •                    We obtain cotton and jute from plants. Cotton is obtained from cotton. Then fiber is often spun into yarn or thread. It is the most widely used natural fiber.

  •                       Jute is the second cheapest natural fiber used for making various household articles such as sacks, coarse cloth etc. Other products are rope, bag, mat, curtains, chair, covering carpets etc.

  •                         Man-made fibers are nylon, rayon, polyester, terry cotton etc. These fibers are artificial and made by man in factories.

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