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Clothes We Wear

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Clothes We Wear


We all love to wear colourful clothes. It covers our body. It also protects us from insect bites, from cold in winter and from heat in summer.

Do you know that in ancient days what people used to wear? They used to wear tree leaves and skin of animals as clothes.


Image result for ancient man

But today we wear clothes of various varieties and colours.

Clothes worn by male and female are different.


Male Wear  


T-shirt                          Trouser


Formal Shirt                            Kurta Pajama



Female Wear

Image result for saree PNG hd images                             Image result for salwaar kamiz PNG hd images

Saree                           Salwar Kameez

                                Image result for tunic PNG hd images

Girl T-shirt                               Tunic


We wear clothes according to the seasons.

In summer we wear cotton clothes. Because it keeps us cool in summer.

Image result for frock PNG hd images                  

Cotton Frock                           Cotton Shirt


During winter we wear woollen clothes. Woollen clothes keep us warm in winter.



                                                            Sweater                       Coat


We wear a raincoat when we go out in the rain.


Rain Coat


We wear school uniform when we go to school.

Image result for school uniform PNG hd images


People in different parts of the world dress differently.

Related image       Image result for asian woman PNG hd images

American People                     Asian Woman

Image result for dress in arab country  images              Image result for muslim female dress images

Men?s dress Arab Country                   Muslim female


In our country also, people of different states dress differently.


Image result for kashmiri female dress images                         Image result for traditional dress of naga woman dress images

Kashmiri-Female                                 traditional dress of Naga woman

                            Image result for punjabi dress for FEMALE

Traditional dress of Kerala women                  Punjabi female


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