1st Class Science Living and Non-living Things Living and non-living things

Living and non-living things

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This lesson will help you to:—

  • study about living and non-living things.
  • learn about the features of living and non living                                         
  • differentiate between living and non-living thing.


Real life examples

  • A teddy bear cannot grow so it is a non-living thing.
  • A car cannot move on its own so it is non – living thing.



Have you noticed the different things around you? For example tables, chairs, toys, plants, birds etc.

Some of these things can grow in size but some cannot. For Example; 

Plants can grow but toys can't. They have same size throughout the life. This is because plants are living I and toys are non-living.

Let us understand the difference between living and: non-living things.                                 


Living Things: Living things have life. They can move on their own, think and grow.

They need food, air and water to live.           

 For Example: Plants, animals (Dog, Cow, Cat, Birds Flowers, Butterfly etc.)

 A small plant grows in sized and becomes a big tree.


There are so many things which remain same in size after so many years. They do not grow because they are non-living.

Non – living things: Non – living things do not have life. They can’t move from one place to another on their own. They cannot eat and grow.

For example: television, sofa, teddy, bear, Aeroplane, fan, car, etc.

Try this

Keep your teddy vear and a plan in the flower pot in your drawing room. After a weeks’ time what will you notice? The teddy bear will remain same in size whereas the plant will grow in size. Do you know the reason behind this?

Notes - Living and Non-living Things
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