1st Class Science Living and Non-living Things Living and Non-Living things

Living and Non-Living things

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  •                      All living organisms have life e.g., human beings plants, animals Birds, insects.

  •                       The various characteristic of living things are as follows:

(i) They need food, air and water.

(A boy eats ice cream, animals eat grass and flesh of other animals, birds eat grains and insects etc.)

(ii) They can move, Human beings and animals move on their own, Plants cannot move but show movements.

Example: Human beings, animals, plants.

(iii) They can grow over a period of time.

(Infants grows into adult, kitten grow to become a cat.

(iv) They can breath


(v) They can reproduce

(vi) They grow old and die.


  •                          Both plant and trees are living things as they grow, breath and show movements.
  •                         Non- living things do not have life e.g., bed, pencil box, T.V. bottle etc.

  •                      The various characteristics of non- living things are as follows:-

They cannot move from one place to another on their own.

(ii) They cannot breath. They cannot talk.

(iii) They cannot grow or change.

(iv) They cannot reproduce.

(v) They do not need food, water and air.

(vi) They do not die but break or fade away.

  •                        Non 'living things cannot move without the help of outside force.

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