1st Class EVS Human Body and their Needs Human body and their needs

Human body and their needs

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This lesson will help you to

  • Know about your body and its different parts.
  • Study the different function of our body.
  • Learn about the food items which help us to stay healthy.
  • Study about the needs of human body.
  • Know about different types of clothes that protect our body.



You must have learnt about your body parts. Can you name some of them.



Our body is made up of different organs. These organs help us to know the world around us. These are called Sense Organs.


  Our tongue helps us to taste food 

Sour eye helps us to see things

Our ear helps us to hear sounds.    

Our skin helps us t feel

Our nose help us to smell  

Our body is made up of different parts. Some parts play a very important role and help us to      live. Let us study these parts in detail.

                PARTS OF OUR BODY


Brain is present in the head of the body.

- Brain controls all the activities of our body.

- Brain gives instruction to all other parts of our body.

- All the thinking & memorizing work is done by the brain.




Heart is present in the chest.

- It is an internal organ of our body.

- Normally heart beat of a healthy person is

72-75 times in one minute.




Lungs are present in the chest. Human body has two lungs. Lungs help in breathing & purifies the blood,

d) ARM:

Every human being has 2 arms. Each arm consists of elbow, wrist, hand and fingers. Hands are used for eating, writing, combing, cleaning etc.


e) LEG:

-  Legs are the lower part of our body.    Human beings have 2 legs.  Legs are used for      walking, running etc. Legs contain thighs, knees, ankles, fingers and toes.


Teeth are very hard and are white in color. Teeth lies inside the mouth. Teeth are used for chewing and tearing the food.

-  A human body has 20 milk teeth up to the age of 6 years. An adult has 32 teeth and they are called Permanent teeth.



Our body needs some basic things to live & to grow. Let us study what are the basic necessity of life.

a) FOOD: We need good food to grow and stay healthy.



Some foods help us to grow.


Some foods gives us energy to work and play


Some foods keep away diseases. They help us to remain healthy.  


b)  Water: we also need water. We should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.


c) REST AND EXERCISE: We need rest or sleep we should sleep at least eight hours a day.

- Exercise also helps us to become strong stay healthy.

- Walking, running and swimming are good exercises. Playing is also a good exercise.

d) CLOTHES: We all wear colorful fancy clothes to look good. Do you know clothes protect us from heat, cold and rain let us study different types of clothes that are            



1. Cotton Clothes:

The clothes which are made from cotton are called cotton clothes.

They are mostly used in summer season.

For example: Shirts, Trousers, frocks, saree etc.


2. Woolen Clothes:

-  The clothes made up of wool are called woolen clothes.

- They are mostly used in winters to keep us warm.

- For example: Sweaters, Coat, Caps etc.


3. Rainy Clothes:

-   The clothes which protect us from getting wet during rains are called rainy clothes.

-   For Eg: Raincoat, Boots. What type of clothes do you wear when you are invited in a birthday party or in a marriage?

Occasional Clothes: Clothes which we wear on some special occasions, festivals and some events are different from our daily wears.

For example: Girls use to wear fancy lehenga and boys wears party suits when going to a marriage. At the time of festival for example on Diwali we wear traditional clothes.


Amazing facts

A human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors

A honey bee has 5 eyes. Dolphins sleep with one eye open.


Real life examples

These are 206 bones in an adult human body at the time of birth have more than 270 bones. Some of these bones fuse together



Misconcept: brain is non – functional when sleep.

Concept: brain is active throughout the life, even when you are a sleep, it is more active when you are sleeping

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