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Our Neighbourhood

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Our Neighbourhood



The places near our house is our neighbourhood. In our neighbourhood there are many houses. People who live in those houses are our neighbours.

In our neighbourhood there are many places, which are very useful to us.


Post Office

A place from where we can send letters.


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A place where we study and learn.

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A place where doctor treats us when we fall sick.


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People who Help Us

  • There are so many people at work in our neighbourhood.
  • Teacher helps us to learn.
  • Doctor treats us when we are not well.


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  • Vegetable seller sells vegetables.
  • Mason makes houses for us.
  • Watchman guards our houses.

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  • Carpenter makes furniture for us.
  • In our school, number of people works.

Teacher: Teacher teaches us different subjects.

Gardener: He keeps our garden and playground proper and grows plants and grasses wherever required.   


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Sweeper: He keeps our classroom and school campus clean and tidy.


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Gate keeper: He takes care of the school gate and keep records of the people visiting our school.

Principal: Principal is the head of the school.

Librarian: He takes care of the library of our school.

  • We learn many things at our school:
  • We learn to read and write.
  • We learn to draw.
  • We learn to do sums.
  • We learn to share our things with others.
  • We learn many games and take part in sports and other activities.


Our Pets

Many people keep some animals in their houses. These animals are called pets.

Some people keep fishes, some keep parrots, some dogs and cats at their homes as their



                                                Fish                             Dog                              Parrot


All pets need a place to live in.

Fishes are kept in an aquarium.

Rabbits live in a hutch.

A dog lives in a kennel.           

Image result for Rabbits live in a hutch             

                                                Rabbits in a hutch                        dog in a kennel



We give our pets good food and clean water. We play with them. We take them to a doctor when they fall ill. A doctor who treats animals is called a vet.

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