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Food we Eat

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Food we Eat




  •                        All living beings need food gives us energy to do various work. Any nutrition

Substance that people or animals eat or drink is called food. Food is the basic necessity of all of us.

  •                        Our body needs mainly following nutrients to remain healthy-
  •          Protein
  •         Carbohydrate
  •         Fats
  •         Vitamin
  •         Water
  •         Roughage




(a) Protein

Builds and repairs

(b) Carbohydrate

Sugars and starch provide energy for the body to use

(c) Fats and oils

Stores energy in the body

(d) Vitamins

Promote normal growth, protect against certain diseases.

(e) Minerals

Support function of heart, bones and teeth formation.

(f) Water

Regulates body function i.e. body temperature

(g) Roughage

Helps in digestion


  •                        Carbohydrate provide us energy. e.g., sugar, glucose, rice, wheat, potatoes, vegetables, fruit.


  •                        Proteins helps in building and repairing our cells, muscles and tissue.

Example: Fish, cheese, eggs, beans, bread, nuts, seeds and pulses like grams, pea?s etc. soya, milk.  


  •                       Fats helps in storing energy in our body. It is an essential part of diet. Fats gives us energy. For e.g. butter, milk, cheese, egg, yok.

  •                       Vitamins are essential nutrient which our body needs in small amounts to work properly. E.g., dairy foods, fish, liver, fruits, vegetables, grains etc.

  •                      About 70% of our body is water. Drinking water is the best kind of preventive health care, Water helps to control the temperature of our body.
  •                      Roughage is the course of rough material of food. It provides fiber to diet and helps in digestion. For e.g., grains, cereals, bran, fruit, vegetables etc.

  •                     Junk of Fast food is any food that has poor nutritional value and is considered unhealthy. Children love to eat and is easily available everywhere E.g., pizza, ice-cream, bread potato chip, burger, French fries, cake, noodles, soft drinks etc.

They contain high level of fats, salt or sugar. They contain very little or no fruits, vegetables and roughage.

  •                      Cereal are significant and important human food. e.g., wheat, maize, barley, rice, oats, corns etc.

The grains are in the form of seeds, which are high in carbohydrates and protein. The water content of the grains is low compared to other vegetable.

  •                      Pulses are dry seed. Pulses are high in protein cereals and pulses make a balanced diet. E.g. dried beans, Lentils and peas are the most common pulses.

  •                      Fishes are consumed by many species, including human beings. It has been an important source of protein It has excellent nutritional value, i.e. it is a food for the brain. It is a low fat food, contains vitamins and minerals also. It is called as non-vegetarian food.

e.g., goldfish, shark etc.

  •                 Meat are animal's flesh that is eaten as food. Meat containing food are called as non-vegetarian food E.g. Meat producing creatures are goat, sheep, pig, lamb etc.

Meat contains proteins and fats which is essential for our body.

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