1st Class Science Air, Water and Weather Air water and weather

Air water and weather

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This lesson -will help you to:—

  • study about the importance of air and water.
  • learn about different types of seasons.
  • know about Sun, moon and stars.



Have you filled air in your bicycle or in footballs. Air gives shape to objects. Let us know more about Air.

1. AIR: Air is present all around us. We feel the air when it moves but we can't see air. All living things need air to breathe. Without air, there will be no life on the earth.


Uses of Air:

  • Plants and animals need air to breathe.
  • Air can fill balloon, football etc.
  • Air has weight.
  • Fire needs air to burn

Air cannot be seen, we can only feel air. Moving air is called wind. The slow moving wind is called breeze. The fast moving wind is called storm which can damage your house



Water is needed for life. Plants and animals need water. Water is present in oceans, river lakes, ponds.   We need water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing.




Water is very essential for our life. Life not possible without water. Water can stored in dams, wells, ponds, rivers, lakes etc. We should not waste water. Water can be reused for various purposes such as cleaning, washing, irrigation etc. This is called water conservation. 

a) SUMMER: In summers, days are very hot. We wear cotton clothes in summer.

b) AUTUMN: In this weather, trees shed their leaves. The weather neither too hot nor too

c) SPRING: In this weather, new leaves grow on trees and different flowers bloom.

d) WINTER: In this weather, days and night are very cold. We wear woollen clothes in winter.

e) MONSOON: In this weather, it rains heavily.


We need raincoat and umbrella in this weather.



Weather depends upon Sun, clouds and wind.


1. SUN: Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The Sun is round and very hot. It is very big. It gives us light and heat. Sun is also a star.


2. MOON: The Moon shines at night. The Moon looks like a big white ball. The shape of the Moon changes every night. Moon does not have its own light


3. STAR: We see stars in the sky at night. Stars are very far from us, that is why they appear very small.


Amazing fact

Sun which gives us bright light in the day, is actually a star. Sun is the closest star that is why it appears big as compared to other stars.


Historical preview

Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go to space in 1984.


Real life examples

Air is used to dry clothes

Air is used to fill tyres, football, and balloon



  • Misconcept: stars are very small in size.
  • Concept: stars are large in size, they appear small because they are far away from us.
  • Misconcept: moon has its own light
  • Concept: moon does not have its own light. Moon shines because the light of sun fall on it

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