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Air and Water

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                                                                                              Air and Water



Air living things need air to breathe. Air is a mixture of gases. We nither see it nor can touch it. But we can feel it's presence. Fish breathe through its gills. Air fills space and has weight.

Air makes the life possible on earth. Not only have human beings, even plants and animals also need air to survive.



Moving air is called wind. It can moves things.


     Windmill                                           Sailboat


Air helps in burning

A Candle is lit with a matchstick

The burning candle is covered with a glass jar air inside the glass jar

The candle is put out as there is no



All living things need water to live. Water comes from rain. Rain water fills rivers, lakes and ponds.

Water is needed for many things


Water to drink                            Water for plant



Water for animal                                     Washing



Cooking                         Putting out fire




Seas and oceans are the big water bodies. But we cannot use this water for drink because water of seas and oceans are very salty.


Storage of Water

Water can be stored in many ways.



       Dam                                             Well


     Bucket                                      Tank

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