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Air and Water

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Air and Water


Air and water are two very important things for our life. We can live for few days without food, but we cannot live for a moment without air.



Air is a mixture of gases. It is all around us. We can neither see it nor can touch it. Bid we can feel it's presence.

You can understand this from one simple exercise. Take a balloon. Blow air into it. The size of balloon will increase. This shows that air causes the balloon to blow.

Now take a pin and prick the balloon. All the air will come out and the balloon will fall flat.



Air makes the life possible on earth. Not only have human beings, even plants and animals also needed air to live.



Water is a liquid. It is colourless, tasteless, odourless and is very necessary for our life

We need water for:

(i) Drinking

(ii) Cleaning

(iii) Taking bath

(iv) Various household works

(v) Growing plants

(vi) Our factories and industries and for many more purposes.


Sources of Water

Rivers, lakes are the sources of pure water. Wells are the sources of ground water. Tap water that comes to our homes is collected from rivers but first purified in water plants and then supplied to us.

Seas and oceans are the big water bodies. But we cannot use this water for drinking because water of seas and oceans is very salty.

We should drink clean water. Because drinking unclean water may cause many diseases.

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