10th Class Mathematics Polynomials Degree of Polynomials

Degree of Polynomials

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*       Introduction


Polynomials are an algebraic expression having many terms. We have studied about the polynomials in one variable in previous classes. There are different types of polynomials. The highest power of the polynomials is called degree of the polynomials. The polynomials of degree one is called linear polynomial. The polynomials of degree two are called quadratic polynomials. The polynomials of degree three are called cubic polynomials and the polynomials of degree four are called biquadratic polynomials. A real number which satisfies the given polynomials is called zeroes of the polynomials.


*         Geometrical Meaning of Zeroes of Polynomial

If we represent linear polynomials on the graph we get a straight line. The straight line intersects the x axis at only one point. Thus number of zeroes of the linear polynomials is one. Hence we can say that the number of zeroes of the polynomials is the number of times the graph of the polynomials intersect x axis. The quadratic polynomials will have two zeroes and the cubic polynomials will have three zeroes.

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