10th Class English Telegram Writing Notice, Message, Telegram and Reports

Notice, Message, Telegram and Reports

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Notice, Message, Telegram and Reports


·                     Example 1


You are Nitesh Kumar, President of the cultural society of Govt. Boys Senior Sec. School, Rani Bagh, Delhi. There is an ethnic dress competition in your school on dated 31st Dec, 2012. Write a notice for the school Notice Board and informing the students in advance for the competition.


G.B.S.S. School, Delhi


December 20, 2012



Ethnic Dress Competition


All the students are informed that the Cultural Society of our school has organized an Ethnic Dress Competition fr all students n Monday, December 31, 2008 Competition will a take place in school auditorium between 10 a.m. -2 p.m.


Nitesh Kumar


Cultural Society


·                     Example 2


You are Suman Kapoor, Secretary, Science and Technology Forum ?Bal India?, Rohini, Delhi. Inform all the students of the school through a notice that there will be some special lecture on today?s technology by some very famous scientist.



Science and Technology Forum


Novemeber 10, 2012



A special Lecture


You all are informed that Science and Technology Forum has decided to organize a guest lecture on latest mobile technology and computer technology. Dr. Abdul Kalam will be Chief Lecturer. The timings are 2-4 p.m. in ?Ashok? auditorium of the school. The school management wants all the students to participate in this lecture.


Suman Kapoor




Science and Technology Forum






·                     Example 3


You are Rekha, Head Girl of G.G.S.School, Saraswati Vihar, Okhla, Delhi. There is an urgent requirement for blod for a student in your school. Write a notice, which can be displayed on school Notice Board for all the students.


G.G.S. School, Delhi


May 10, 2012





One of the students is in urgent need for B(−) Blood. This is necessary to save her life. Students with the same blood group are requested to donate blood. Please contact Miss. Rekha of class XII B for any further enquiries regarding the same.



Head Girl


·                     Example 4


Suresh Mehra is the incharge of Extra Curriculum Activities of Rohit Model School. Bhivani. The school is organizing an Inter School Competition between Rohit Model School and Rukhmani Devi School, Bhivani. The competitions organized will be debate, singing, mimicry and, in sport, table-tennis, cricket, kho-kho and volley ball. Write a notice to inform all the students.


Rohit Model School, Bhivani


September 18, 2012



Inter School Competition


Our school has organized an Inter-School competition from 20th to 22nd of September, 2012 with Rukmani Devi School, Bhivani. Nominations are invited from the students who are interested in taking part in debate, mimicy, and singing and in sports, table-tennis, cricket, kho-kho and volley ball. Please give your names to me at the staff room during the lunch time.


Suresh Mehraa




Exp. Curriculum Activities




·                     Example 5


You are Secretary. Resident Welfare Society, Sundar Nagar, Delhi. Write a circular, which could be send to all the members of the society to discuss the current problem and the ways how to overcome from this situation. You are Raghu Veer Singh.


Resident Welfare Society, Delhi


August 22, 2012





All the respected members of the society are humbly requested to assemble in the community hall by 8.00 a.m. on 25.08.2012 to discuss the current problems of the society. Particularly, the rent, parking, and theft issues. Your valuable suggestions will help us to resolve the problems smoothly.


Raghu Veer Singh







·                     Example 1


Read the following telephonic conversation between Mr. Aman and Bimal:

Mr. Aman: May I talk to Chander please?

Mr. Bimal: I am sorry, but he is not in the office. May I know who is on the other side?

Mr. Aman: I am Aman, his customer. When he is expected to come back to office?

Mr. Bimal: He will come by 5.00 p.m., today.

Mr. Aman: Please ask him to call me for the new order.

Mr. Bimal: Sure I?ll do.


Write down the message for Chander.


April 13, 2016



Your customer Mr. Aman had called up. Please call him as he has some new order for you.




·                     Example 2


Read the following telephonic conversation:

Ms. Charu: May I speak with Miss Dimple please.

Mr. Chintu: I?m afraid she is not at home. May I know who I am speaking to?

Ms. Charu: My self Charu, her friend. By what time is she expected to be back?

Mr. Chintu: She will be back by 8.00 p.m. in the evening. But I can pass your message to my sister Dimple.

Ms. Charu: Please inform her to bring Rs. 200 for practical exam fee tomorrow.

Mr. Chintu: I will surely inform her.


Write down a message for Dimple.


            February 12, 2014


February 12, 2014




Your friend Ms. Charu had called you to inform that you have to bring Rs. 200/- for your practical examination tomorrow.






·                     Example 3


You are Abhinav/Abhilasha Yadav working with Hindustan Times as a newspaper reporter. Yesterday a press conference was convened by Finance Minister on International Trade Policy for proposed change in the International Trade policy, so that the foreign investors can easily invest their money in India. Write a report for publication in your newspaper, covering all the details. Report should not be more than 100 words.


By Abhinav Yadav

Hindustan Times Staff Reporter

Delhi, September 10, 2012


The Finance Minister of India had initiated a press conference yesterday at his residence. He discussed about the proposed changes in the International Trade Policy so that we can have a large number of foreign investors in India. No doubt the present policy is good But it needs some aterations because the last amendment was done 5 year ago. Now it is the right time to take some new actions on it. The data from the last six months shows that the foreign investors are pulling their money out from the Indian market. And the new investors are not coming to India to invest their capital. It is the situation of a two  way loss. Proposed changes one accepted will be able to overcome all those problems.


·                     Example 3


You are Bharat/Bharati Ahuja working for the weekly magazine. ?Last Week?. You got a chance to attend a seminar on ?The importance of Blood Donation?, organized by the All India Medical Association. Delhi. Write a report for your magazine for publication in not more than 100 words.


By Bharat Ahuja

Staff Reporter

Delhi, June 20, 2012

On Monday seminar on ?The importance of Blood Donation? was organised by ?All India Medical Association?, Delhi. The seminar started at 10.00 a.m. in the morning in the presence of Union Health Minister. He laid emphasis on the importance of blood donation and how it can be the greatest service to mankind. There were 20 prominent personalities and almost 300 doctors from all over India. They also addressed the audience, that blood donation keeps us fit. A healthy man can donate blood at every six month interval. It is a  myth that a blood donor becomes weak physically or mentally. The main purpose of the seminar was to create a mass appeal towards the importance of blood donation.

·                     Example 4


You are Aryan/Aarti Patel working for ?The Golden Age? as a reporter. Yesterday you attended a press conference, called by the Chief Minister of Delhi about inflation of essential commondities. Write a report for the newspaper convering the speech of Chief Minister and what steps we should undertake to sort out the problem.


By Aryan patel

Press Reporter

Delhi, August 6, 2012


A press conference was organized by Chief Minister of Delhi on 5th of August, 2012. The chief concern was inflation especially on essential commodities. The Chief Minister presented some ideas that can be successfully implemented. But they should be implemented and monitored properly. The Chief Minister ordered the godowns of the traders would be checked. She warned the businessmen not to create artificial shortage. More ration shops and moving vehicles have been provided for selling essential commodities. It is our duty that people should not suffer at all.

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