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Human life is full of journeys and adventures. Few of us choose to join defence. Certain men choose navy as their career option. Month on month they are far away their farmilies and their beloved ones, Sea life is very adventurous. Each and every day you find it more exciting. Once, a big fish attacked the ship. Instead of fighting, the fish ate the captain?s leg. One more incident, when we were sailors and first reached near the coast, we came to know about the storm. We quickly moved into the sea to save our life. At the coast the waves are very dangerous. They may destroy anything and even break stones. So life on the sea is great to me.




Life is full of joyful moments. Life is to live either happily or forcefully. It?s your choice. Now-a-days city life is becoming very much complicated and stressful. City life is full of worries and full of hurdles like the dwellers of city can?t live without light (electricity), as we know that refrigerators, fan, TV etc., run only in the presence of electricity. We all must have faced such problems, we feel very angry when we don?t get cold water, cold air of air conditioner or cooler. And we feel very much irritated when we get stuck in traffic and waste our time. Instead of such problems city life is full of charm and pleasure.       




Science and technology have given us many new inventions. Few of them are light vehicles and electrical appliances which make our life happier. Due to new inventions we are moving towards luxurious life. But the other face of invention is threat to environment, due to waste material. City life is very busy and people think at individual level so instead of using a common transport system they use their own private vehicles resulting in more pollution. Similar is the scrap of house-hold work. The two types of scrap are biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The material, which can be eaten or perished by biological ways or which gives harmful gaseous substances to environment on burning the plastic, poly bag, etc., which are non-biodegradable and vice-versa. The quantity of scrap is increasing day by day and the cities are coming under the dangerous zone of disease




Ratan Tata, in last year?s Auto Expo announced the future of Indian car, car for all the cheap and best car in India as well as in world. It seems like a dream come true. Generally, the rates of the car start from two and a half lakhs. But here the price is the main attraction. The price of car is only one lakh Indian rupees. Only by paying such a small amount you can become an owner of a car. Nano has a seating capacity of minimum four and maximum five persons. This is the best example of new technology and achievement of our Indian science and their skills. India has proved its technical prowers.

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