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Letters are mainly of three types:


Personal Letter: Those letters which are written to relatives, friends and to known persons

Business Letter: Those letters which are written to business mass traders and business firms

Official Letter: Those letters which are written to government officers such as postmaster, principal, etc.


A letter consists of six parts:

  1. Heading
  2. The salutation or gretting
  3. The body
  4. The subscription
  5. Signature
  6. Address


  • Example 1


You are Mr. Ravi Shankar, an ex-Army Man from the Indian Army. You are staying at WZ-50, Rishi Nagar, Rani Bagh, Delhi-110034 since 1990. Now-a-days your society is facing the problem of lack of parking place for vehicles in your locality. So, you have decided to write a letter to your area’s MCD Officer, Pitampura, Delhi, for providing parking place.


WZ-50, Rishi Nagar,

Rani Bagh,



The MCD Officer

Pitampura, Delhi-110034

August 29, 2012


Subject: Vehicle Parking Problem


Respected Sir,


I am Ravi Shankar, residing at Rani Bagh since 1990. Due to influx of too many people in our society we are facing a huge problem of parking space. This overcrowding of new buildings has left no space for parking vehicles.

We will he obliged if you can please provide us with a proper infrastructure for parking.


Thanking you.


Your truly,

Ravi Shankar


  • Example 2


You are Mrs. Gitika Ramani, married and blessed with two kids, Reshma Ramani (7 years) and Naresh Ramani (4 years), living at A-20 Saraswati Vihar. Delhi-110085. You are worried about the jerks in the way, big and wide holes on the road. Write a letter to the Chief MCD Officer of Delhi complaining about the ugly situation of the road.



A-20, Saraswati Vihar,

New Delhi-110085



The Chief MCD Officer,



August 30, 2012


Subject: Proper Roads


Respected Sir,


I am residing at Saraswati Vihar for the last 5 years. Earlier I was residing at South Extension. Delhi, a well reputed area of Delhi. No doubt this colony (Saraswati Vihar) was really great earlier. But now, due to heavy rain, roads got broken at several places. Unfortunately, my daughter got stuck into the broken road while cycling. Many more commuters are facing the same problem. I have already written many letters to local MCD officer. But they are not taking any action.

So I would like to draw your kind attention towards this situation. I hope that you will do the needful to overcome this situation.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Gitika Ramani


  • Example 3


You are Rahul Sharma, studying at G.B.S.S. School, Rani Bagh, Delhi-86 and residing in the same premises (hostel). You came to know that a new course is introduced in your school and you  want to join it because it is very beneficial for you. Names of the course is Agricultural Management and duration is one year and total fees for this course is Rs. 2000/- only. Write a letter to your father, informing him about this course and ask for Rs. 2000/- and permission to join this course immediately:


G.B.S.S. School

Rani Bagh, Delhi-110034


August 30, 2012


Subject: Permission to Join a Course


Dear dad,


You will be glad to know that our institute is introducing a new course. The name of the course is ‘Agricultural Management’. This is a one year course. The total course fee is Rs. 2000/- I think by joining this course. I can learn more about managing our country side farming. This will be an effective source to add to my future prospects. I will be glad if you please go through the syllabus (enclosed) and send me the course fee of Rs. 2000/-.

Convey my regards to elders and love to younger.


Your loving son,



  • Example 4


You are Mr. Charless Douglas, a residentat A-30, Saraswati Vihar, Allahbad. Your sister Radhika is studying in Miranda College, Delhi and staying at the same place also. You came to know that she is not doing well in studies and is getting involved in useless activities which will spoil her career. As this is your responsibility to show her right way you need to write a letter to her.


A-30, Saraswati Vihar,





Mirinda College

New Delhi-110040


31.08.2012, Sunday


Dear Ruchika,


I am glad to know that you are fine. I am also all right here and other members of the family are also fine. As you know, your half yearly semester exams are due in November 2008. So get ready for exams. As we both know that I have promised our late father that I will take care of you and support you to become a doctor and fulfill father’s dream. But I have come to know from my reliable sources that you are not paying attention towards studies. You are getting involved with some other activities which are not good. This will bring a negative impact on your studies and career.


It is my earnest request that you should not be deviated from your goal and excel academically.


With lots of love,


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