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Judging Completeness of Process

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Judging Completeness of Process


While writing the factual description of an object, instrument, animal, place or person we should give the reader an impression that he himself knows about it. We should try to define the object with its process of fine working, qualities and characteristics. Its mechanism and working should find a well defined place. Let us study through the given examples:


1.            In the following description find out the step in which the process is completed.


P: Making a cup of tea is a very simple process. When mother goes out and some guest drops in then one should know how to manage the show. For making a tasty and flavoured tea, certain points are to be kept in mind.

Q: Put some sugar in the pot. If it is a winter season, cover the tea pot with a woollen cloth. Arrange all the things with cups on a table. The tea is ready to be enjoyed. None of the party go complete without this hot drink.

R: Of course, the quantity of tea leaves added will vary according to our taste whether we want strong, light or moderate tea. Pour tea in a tea pot. Now boil milk and put the tea into a milk pot.

S: Take water in a kettle according to the need of the quantity of tea. The kettle should be clean. Heat the water till it begins to boil. When the whaler has boiled for some time, put leaves of tea and some cardamom into it to get a tasty flavor


(a) PQRS                       (b) PSRQ

(c) RQPS                       (d) RSPQ

(e) None of these

Ans.     (b)


2.            In the following description find out the step in which the process is completed.


P: Generally to our friends or someone else who is staying at some distant place, there are many modes of sending money. It may be either through a bank draft, cheque, or a money order. Money order is the easiest of them.

Q: Now, you should give the completed form and the money, to the M.O., clerk at the post office. He will issue you a receipt for the amount received with the date-stamp.

R: To send a money-order, you should first get a money order form from the post-office. It costs ten paise only. Now, you should fill it up very carefully. You should write the amount to be sent in words as well as in figures on the line provided for it.

S: The address of the payee and your own address should be written very carefully.

There is a little space for writing the message and you can use it if you wish.

You should also put your signature and date at the place meant for it.


(a) PRSQ                       (b) PQRS

(c) PRQS                       (d) RQPS

(e) None of these

Ans.     (a)


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