10th Class English Comprehension Comprehensions Based on Stories

Comprehensions Based on Stories

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Comprehensions Based on Stories


Study the following examples.


·                     Example 1


Every child is born, with some inherited characteristics, into a specific socio-economic and emotional environment, and trained in certain ways by figures of authority. I inherited honesty and self-discipline from my father, from my mother, and inherited faith in goodness and deep kindness and so did my three brothers and sister. I had three close friends in my childhood- Ramanadha Sastry, Aravindan and Sivaprakasan. All these boys were from orthodox Hindu Brahmin families. As children, none of us ever felt any difference amongst ourselves because of our religious differences and upbringing. In fact, Ramanadha Sastry was the son of Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry, the high priest of the Rameswaram Temple. Later, he took over the priesthood of the Rameswaram Temple from his father, Aravindan went into the business of arranging transport for visiting pilgrims, and Sivaprakasan became a catering contractor for the Southern Railways.


1.             Every born child is inherited with some characteristics whereas the author inherited:

(a) Truth-speaking           (b) Honesty

(c) Loyalty                    (d) Dishonesty

(e) None of these            


2.             All my three friends were from:

(a) Hindu Brahmin families.          

(b) Christian families.

(c) Tamil families.                  

(d) Punjabi families.

(e) None of these


3.             Whose father was working as a priest with Rameswaram Temple?

(a) Aravindan                      

(b) Sivaprakasan

(c) Ramanadha Sastry              

(d) Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry

(e) None of these


4.             Southern railway was catered by the contractor:

(a) Ramanadha Sastry

(b) Sivaprakasan

(c) Aravindan

(d) Surajmal Singh

(e) None of these


·                     Example 2


One day an accident befell him. I put down poison (barium carbonate) to kill the rats and mice that had got into my library. Bruno entered the library as he often did, and he ate some of the poison. Paralysis set in to the extent that he could not stand on his feet. But he dragged himself on his stumps to my wife, who called me. I guessed what had happened. Off I rushed in the car to the vet's residence. A case of poisoning! Tame Bear-barium carbonate-what to do? Out came his medical books, and a feverish reference to index began: ?What poison did you say, sir?? ?Barium carbonate?. ?Ah yes-B-Ba-Barium Salts-Ah! Barium carbonate! Symptoms-paralysis-treatment-injections of just a minute, sir. I'll bring my syringe and the medicine." A dash back to the car! Bruno still floundering about on his stumps, but clearly weakening rapidly; some vomiting, heavy breathing, with heaving flanks and gaping mouth. Hold him, everybody! In goes the hypodermic-Bruno squeals-10 c.c. of the antidote enters his system without a drop being wasted. Ten minutes later: condition unchanged! Another 10 c.c. injected! Ten minutes later: breathing less stertorous-Bruno can move his arms and legs a little although he cannot stand yet. Thirty minutes later: Bruno gets up and has a great feed! He looks at us disdainfully, as much as to say, ?What?s barium carbonate to a big black bear like me?? Bruno is still eating.


1.            Who is Bruno?

(a) A monkey                 (b) A bear

(c) A donkey                  (d) A deer

(e) None of these


2.            Bruno ate a poison, named as:

(a) Calcium carbonate              

(b) Potassium cyanide

(c) Barium carbonate               

(d) Barium bicarbonate

(e) None of these


3.            The first impact of poison on Bruno was that he:

(a) Became blind (b) Died

(c) Paralyzed                  (d) Started vomiting

(e) None of these


4.            How much of the antidote was entered into Bruno?s body?

(a) 10 c.c.                      (b) 20 c.c.

(c) 30 c.c.                      (d) 100 c.c.

(e) None of these





1.    (B)

2.    (A)

3.    (C)

4.    (B)


1.    (B)

2.    (C)

3.    (C)

4.    (B).


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