6th Class Mathematics Ratio and Proportion

  • question_answer 8) In a year, Seema earns ` 150000 and saves ` 50000. Find the ratio of (a) Money that Seema earns to the money she saves. (b) Money that she saves to the money she spends. TIPS For part (a), divide earn money by save money to get required ratio and for part (b), firstly find spend money, which is obtained on subtracting save money from earn money and then divide save money by spend money to get required ratio.


                    Given, money earned by Seema = ` 150000 and money saved by Seema = ` 50000 Money earned by Seema (a) Required ratio \[=\frac{\text{Money}\,\text{earned}\,\text{by}\,\text{Seema}}{\text{Money}\,\text{saved}\,\text{by}\,\text{Seema}}\] \[=\frac{Rs.\,150000}{Rs.50000}=\frac{15000\div 50000}{50000\div 50000}=\frac{3}{1}=3:1\] [\[\because \]HCF of 150000 and 50000 = 50000] (b) \[\because \]Money spend by Seema = Earned money Saved money = (150000 ? 50000) = ` 100000 \[\therefore \] Required ratio\[\text{=}\frac{\text{Money}\,\text{saved}\,\text{by}\,\text{Seema}}{\text{Money}\,\text{spend}\,\text{by}\,\text{Seema}}=\] `\[\frac{50000}{100000}\] \[\frac{50000\div 50000}{100000\div 50000}=\frac{1}{2}=1:2\] [\[\because \]HCF of 50000 and 100000 = 50000]

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