6th Class Mathematics Ratio and Proportion

  • question_answer 15) Mother wants to divide ` 36 between her daughters Shreya and Bhoomika in the ratio of their ages. If age of Shreya is 15 yr and age of Bhoomika is 12 yr find, how much Shreya and Bhoomika will get. TIPS Mother wants to divide the money between Shreya and Bhoomika, according to their age. So, firstly we find the ratio of their ages and then divide ` 36 between them in that ratio.


                    Given, Shreya's age = 15 yr and Bhoomika's age = 12 yr \[\therefore \]Ratio of their ages \[\text{=}\frac{\text{Shreya }\!\!'\!\!\text{ age}}{\text{Bhoomika }\!\!'\!\!\text{ s}\,\text{age}}=\frac{15yr}{12yr}=\frac{15}{12}\] \[=\frac{15\div 3}{12\div 3}=\frac{5}{4}=5:4\] [\[\because \]HCF of 15 and 12 = 3] Now, mother wants to divide ` 36 between her daughters in the ratio of their ages. \[\therefore \] Sum of the parts of ratios = 5 + 4 = 9 Amount which has to be divided = ` 36 Here, we can say that Shreya gets 5 parts and Bhoomika gets 4 parts out of every 9 parts.                        \[\therefore \]Shreya's share \[=\frac{5}{9}\times 36=\]` 20 and Bhoomika's share \[=\frac{4}{9}\times 36=\] ` 16 Hence, Shreya gets ` 20 and Bhoomika gets ` 16.

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