6th Class Mathematics Knowing our Numbers

  • question_answer 8)                 Kirti bookstore sold books worth Rs. 2,85,891 in the first week of June and book worth Rs. 4,00,768 in the second week of the month. How much was the sale for the two weeks together? In which week was the sale greater and by how much?                                


                            Given, sale of books in 1st week = Rs. 2,85,891 Sale of books in Und week = Rs. 4,00,768 Total sales of two weeks = Sale of Ist week + Sale of IInd week = 2,85391 + 4,00,768 = Rs. 6,86,659 Since, 4,00,768 > 2,85,891 Thus sale in the second week is greater. \[\therefore \]Difference in the sales amount = 4,00,768 - 2,85,891 = Rs. 1,14,877. Hence, sale in the second week was greater by Rs. 1,14,877.

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