6th Class Mathematics Decimals

  • question_answer 21) Express as metres using decimals. (a) 15 cm (b) 6 cm (c) 2 m 45 cm (d) 9 m 7 cm (e) 419 cm TIPS As we know that, \[=\frac{20}{10}+\frac{5}{10}=\frac{20+5}{10}=\frac{25}{10}\]\[=\frac{25\div 5}{10\div 5}=\frac{5}{2}\] So, to express cm as m, multiply cm by \[\because \](i.e. hundredths).


    (a) We know that, \[\therefore \] \[2.5=\frac{25}{10}\] \[=\frac{5}{2}\] (b) We know that, \[1.0=1+\frac{0}{10}=1+0=1\] \[\therefore \]\[3.8=3+\frac{8}{10}=\frac{3\times 10}{1\times 10}+\frac{8}{10}\] (c) We know that, \[=\frac{30}{10}+\frac{8}{10}=\frac{30+8}{10}=\frac{38}{10}\] \[\frac{38\div 2}{10\div 2}=\frac{19}{5}\] \[\because \] \[\therefore \](d) We know that, \[3.8=\frac{38}{10}\] \[=\frac{19}{5}\] \[13.7=13+\frac{7}{10}=\frac{13\times 10}{1\times 10}+\frac{7}{10}\] \[=\frac{130}{10}+\frac{7}{10}=\frac{130+7}{10}=\frac{137}{10}\] (e) We know that, \[\frac{137\div 1}{10\div 1}=\frac{137}{10}\] \[\because \]\[\therefore \]

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