6th Class Mathematics Decimals

  • question_answer 10) (a) The length of Ramesh's notebook is 9 cm 5 mm. What will be its length in cm? (b) The length of a young gram plant is 65 mm. Express its length in cm.


    (a) Given, length of Ramesh's note book\[\Rightarrow \] We know that, \[1g=\frac{1}{1000}kg\] \[\therefore \]Length of Ramesh's notebook \[456g=456\times \frac{1}{1000}kg=\frac{456}{1000}kg=0.456kg\] \[=2kg+9\times \frac{1}{1000}kg\] \[\left[ \because 1g=\frac{1}{1000}kg \right]\] (b) Given, length of young gram plant \[=2kg+\frac{9}{1000}kg=2kg+0.009kg\] We know that, \[=(2+0.009)kg=2.009kg\] \[1\therefore 1\]Length of young gram plant \[\frac{1}{100}\] \[\frac{1}{100}\]

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