7th Class Mathematics Comparing Quantities

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    Population of Rajasthan \[=\text{ 57}0\text{ lakhs}\] and population of UP \[=\text{ 166}0\text{ lakhs}\]. Area of Rajasthan \[=\text{3 lakh}\] km2 and area of UP \[=\text{2 lakh}\] km?. (i) How many people are there per km2 in both these States? (ii) Which State is less populated?


                    (i) Number of people per sq. km. in Rajasthan state \[\text{=}\frac{\text{Total Population of Rajasthan}}{\text{Area of Rajasthan}}=\frac{570}{3}=190\] Number of people per sq. km in U.P. State \[\text{=}\frac{\text{Total Population of U}\text{.P}\text{.}}{\text{Area of U}\text{.P}}\]                 \[=\frac{1660}{2}=830\]  (ii) The Rajasthan State is less populated.

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