8th Class Mathematics Algebraic Expressions - 854

  • question_answer 2)                 Classify the following polynomials as monomials, binomials, trinomials. Which polynomials do not fit in any of these three categories?                                               \[x+y,\,1000,\,x+{{x}^{2}}+{{x}^{3}}+{{x}^{4}},7+y+5x,\,2y\] \[-3{{y}^{2}},\,2y-3{{y}^{2}}+4{{y}^{3}},\,5x-4y+3xy,\,4z-15{{z}^{2}},\] \[ab+bc+cd+da,\,pqr,\,{{p}^{2}}q\,+p{{q}^{2}},\,2p\,+2q\]


                                    Monomials         Binomials            Trinomials                 1000                       \[x+y\]                 \[7+y+5x\] \[pqr\]                  \[2y-3{{y}^{2}}\]              \[2y-3{{y}^{2}}+4{{y}^{3}}\] \[5x-4y+3xy\]                                 \[4z-15{{z}^{2}}\]                                 \[{{p}^{2}}q+p{{q}^{2}}\] \[2p+2q\] Polynomials that do not fit in these categories \[x+{{x}^{2}}+{{x}^{3}}+{{x}^{4}}\] \[ab+bc+cd+da\]

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