12th Class Biology Biotechnology : Principles And Processes

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    Collect five examples of pallindromic DNA sequences by consulting your teacher. Better try to create a pallindromic sequence by following base-pair rules. 


    Pallindromic nucleotide sequences in the DNA molecule are groups of bases that form the same sequence when read both forward and backward. Examples: 1. 5'—GGATCC—3' 3'—CCTAGG—5' 2. 5’.—AAGCTT—3' 3’_TTCGAA—5' 3. 5'—ACGCGT—3' 3'—TGCCCA—5' 4. 5'—ACTAGT—3' 3'—TGATCA—5' 5. 5'—AGGCCT—3' 3’—TCCGGA—5'  

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